Business Development

The lengthy Story

One fine day, 3 men sat at Starbucks. The founder, who spent 2 years of his life working in an Advertising Agency, knows how important advertisements are to businesses. Knowing how much businesses spent on advertising their brands every year, he explains to the other two. The other two who always wish to own a car, was sharing how much expenses they have to pay in order to own a car, let alone the issues of sustaining a car. They ranted to each other.

While they are speaking, a Comfort Taxi zoomed by. The founder, out of sudden, had an AHA Moment, and…… Adogo was born!!

Solving issues of expensive advertising for businesses and solving issues of costly expenses for users who wish to own a car in Singapore. On 17th Nov 2015, Adogo was born, incorporated and started!


Our Milestones

OCT 2015

Company Structure Setup

Operational Structure Setup

Dec 2015

Commencement of Adogo V1.0

Adogo V2.0 Plans…

Very soon after the initial idea of Adogo, feasible plans are quickly put in place. Huge plans which will indeed bring Advertising to the next level.

Imagine yourself walking in shopping mall, and you get notifications only on Ads you are interested in, directly on your phone. While walking on the streets you pick up points, prizes, orders & promotions

How about 1 click queue number on your phone the moment you walked in DBS branch? Walking into stores and members get greeted, automatically collecting data of your customers who entered your shop.

And how about rewarding customers with promotion messages when they go near your shop?

We are in the mid of getting this idea up & running. We are confident that we will be the next level advertising company – Adogo. And yes, we need supporters and investors. We need clients to give us their support while helping us to build this ultimate advertising empire. Clients who join us at our current stage will automatically be enrolled into our Gold Advertisers who will receive special promotions and rates at our Adogo 2.0. Support the local Start-up. And grow together with us! We promise you won’t regret, but you may if you don’t.

Invest with us in your business’s future, Advertise with us now! These could be the next HOTTEST thing in Singapore! Interested to be part of it? Email us today!

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